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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme 2017

Intra Africa - EACEA/05/2017

EACEA Intra Africa Actions 2014-2020
Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management

Practical information

Practical information on supporting documents - Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme
(202.37 KB - PDF)
Check-list for project websites - IA/2016-2020
(534.24 KB - PDF)

Guidance on contractual project management

Guidance on contractual project management EN

Examples of project management documents

Model of Memorandum of understanding: 
Model Nomination letter and Student/Staff Agreement EN
Model Mobility Agreement for Staff EN
Model Learning Agreement for Degree Seeking Mobility EN
Model Learning Agreement for Credit Seeking Mobility EN
Model Transcript of Records EN

Useful links:

Distance calculator

Coronavirus: implications for the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

African Students and Alumni Forum

Tuning Africa

Harmonisation of African Higher Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation (HAQAA) initiative


Contractual Documents

Call for proposals EACEA/05/2017

Call for proposals EACEA/05/2017

Requirements for student selection

Minimum requirements for the selection procedures (Annex IX of the Grant Agreement) EN


Minimum insurance requirements (Annex X of the Grant Agreement) EN



Reports must be submitted on-line by the given deadline via the Participant Portal.

The below templates are for information purposes only.

1st Progress report (e-Report)

Narrative part and general information for submission EN 

Statistics EN

Declaration on Honour EN

2nd Progress report (e-Report)

Narrative part and general information for submission


Declaration on Honour

Financial statement (with no request for further pre-financing)

Financial statement (with request for further pre-financing)

3rd Progress report 


The 3rd Progress report contains 2 parts:

The technical report must be submitted by email to: by 31 December 2020 at the latest. The technical report contains the following mandatory documents to be filled-in and/or signed as requested:

a. Operational narrative part

b. Declaration on Honour

c. Financial statement with no request of pre-financing (if no FINANCIAL REPORT is submitted together with the TECHNICAL REPORT)

d. Statistics 

e. Mobility list print-out from the EACEA Mobility Tool (EMT) signed by the project Contact person (as indicated in Art. I.6.3 of the Grant Agreement)

f. Other documents – any other document deemed relevant by the beneficiaries (not mandatory).


The financial report must be submitted online via the Funding and Tenders portal when the partnership needs to request the further pre-financing. Information on how to submit the e-Report is available in the eReport User guide. The financial report contains the following two documents:

a. Financial Report print out from the EACEA Mobility tool signed by the project Contact person (as indicated in Art. I.6.3 of the Grant Agreement)

b. Financial statement and declaration with request of further pre-financing 


Dissemination and Visual Identity

Visual identity

The visual identity guidance to be followed by the beneficiaries of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme is available here:

Since the programme is implemented in the framework of the Africa-EU Partnership, all Intra-Africa beneficiaries are requested to systematically use the logo of the African Union in addition to the above visual identity guidance.

Logo of the African Union: .png, .jpg.pdf