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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

European Youth Together 2018

Erasmus+ - EACEA/16/2018

EACEA Erasmus Plus Actions 2014-2020
Key Action 3: Support to policy reformEuropean Youth Together

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management

Contractual Documents


Progress Report

If applicable – see Article 1.4.1 of your Grant Agreement.

Your request for a second grant instalment 40% must be accompanied by a progress report. This is to be sent to the Agency by email only to together with your financial table and Declaration on Honour (signed and stamped). Please mark your email clearly with your grant agreement number (2018-xxxx).

Important: please ensure that you have spent at least 70% of your first grant instalment before requesting a further payment with a progress report. 

Here are all the templates you need for your Progress Report:

Final eReport

All beneficiaries are required to submit a final report no later than two months after the end of the eligibility period specified in your grant agreement. This is an eReport, available via the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal.

Please consult the user guide before preparing your eReport 

You should also submit a financial table and Declaration on Honour (signed and stamped) by email to Please mark your email clearly with your grant agreement number (2018-xxxx).

19 MARCH 2021
Final Financial Statement Template - EACEA/16/2018
(191.53 KB - XLSX)

Type I - Audit certificate -EN for grants below EUR 750,000

Project Results Platform

To ensure transparency and visibility of EU funding, all projects are online on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform.

According to the Article I.10.4 – Dissemination and exploitation of results - you must upload all project results together with project website and logo. To connect to the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform you should use your EU Login account.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to submit your results for review and publication, you will be able to do so only when the end date of your project has been reached. In the meantime, you can upload and modify your results, but they will become publicly available only after the validation of your e-final report. 


For technical issues concerning e-Final Report submission: and for For technical issues concerning E+ Project Results Platform:


Dissemination and Visual Identity

The EU emblem should be used on all products and visible activities to acknowledge the financial support of the EU.

Further guidance on the Visual identity webpage of EACEA with the logo and disclaimer.