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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Centres of Vocational Excellence

Erasmus+  -  EACEA/33/2019

EACEA Erasmus Plus Actions 2014-2020
Key Action 3: Support to policy reformCentres of Vocational Excellence

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management

25 NOVEMBER 2021
Amendment request form - EACEA/33/2019
(87.99 KB - DOCX)

Section E (amendment to the budget breakdown) amended on 25 November 2021.



Reporting documents and templates

The use of the forms and templates below is mandatory

29 NOVEMBER 2021
Model Financial Statement- EACEA/33/2019
(332.09 KB - XLSX)

Updated on 18/11/2021 (correction on the “Revenue” sheet).  

19 OCTOBER 2021
Model Technical Report - EACEA/33/2019
(266.5 KB - DOC)
24 NOVEMBER 2021
Declaration on honour - EACEA/33/2019
(64.5 KB - DOC)

A certificate on the Financial Statements (CFS) per beneficiary must be submitted with the final report of the project if the grant amount received by the beneficiary requires it (see grant agreement or amendment, Article I.4.4 d). The Guidance Notes Audit Type I 2014 per beneficiary (if the grant is lower than EUR 750 000) or Audit Type II 2014 per BENEFICIARY (if the grant is equal or higher than EUR 750 000) must be applied.

These documents must be submitted via the eReports system, which is an online tool available on the Funding and tender opportunities portal.

The eReport user guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the project report using eReports.