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News article10 October 2023European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Promoting diversity and inclusion in schools in Europe

How are diversity and inclusion in school education promoted across Europe? This Eurydice report showcases the existing national/top-level policies and measures that tackle inequalities and discrimination.

a set of colorful school chairs are displayed in a row.

The Eurydice report focuses on learners who are most likely to experience disadvantage and/or discrimination in schools, including girls/boys, students from different migrant, ethnic and religious backgrounds, LGBTIQ+ students, and students with special educational needs or disabilities.

The report highlights existing targeted policy initiatives promoting the learners’ access to quality, inclusive, mainstream education. It also provides a comparative overview of policies and measures across 39 European education systems. 

Find out more on Eurydice's website.


Publication date
10 October 2023
European Education and Culture Executive Agency