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News article20 December 2021European Education and Culture Executive Agency1 min read

Green volunteering with Youth Wiki

Find out green volunteering opportunities in different European countries.

Green volunteering with Youth Wiki

What are the possibilities young people have to participate in green volunteering in their country? There are many organizations offering opportunities for young people across Europe.

Croatia has a project where students can manufacture musical instruments from waste aimed at all schools.

In Cyprus, the Let's Do It Cyprus campaign annually motivates to contribute in cleaning the island's most important natural sights like beaches, city parks and natural forest and mountain parks.

The "Don't Throw the Clothes, Save the Planet!" programme in Slovenia educates young people about what to do with old clothes.

Curious what your country or other European countries have to offer? Check out the Youth Wiki chapter on green volunteering here!


Publication date
20 December 2021
European Education and Culture Executive Agency