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News article29 September 2023European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances projects' stories

Since 2014, Knowledge Alliances have helped strengthen Europe's capacity to innovate and to support the modernisation of Europe's higher education systems.

a man is wearing a checked shirt and jeans. He is taking a picture with his phone. the background has a night skyline of a city and there is a drawing of a network  of people. The network has white bubbles with papercut people inside.

The Knowledge Alliances (KAs) initiative of the European Commission supports 158 international collaborations between partners from higher education institutions and businesses.

These consortia bring expertise together, amplifying innovation through collaboration.The fields of action  include topics such as ICT, (green) economy and sustainable energy, education, life sciences, societal challenges, etc.

The results of KAs strengthen Europe's innovation capacity in the form of novel curricula and study programmes, open educational and e-learning resources, accelerators, hubs and start-ups, new products and prototypes.

Let's take a closer look at some these remarkable projects that have recently ended:


Publication date
29 September 2023
European Education and Culture Executive Agency