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News article25 January 2024European Education and Culture Executive Agency1 min read

2024 Call for Proposal – Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas

The 2024 Call for Proposal ‘Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas’ is open for applications. Do not miss it!

7 youngsters who are part of the eruopean solidarity corps are in a circle with their hands up while one of them is in the middle. The ESC logo is on the bottom left corner and the yellow visual elements are on the top of the image

Are you interested in the 2024 Call for Proposals ‘Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas’? Learn more  on the action  and how to submit your application in the presentation below.

Volunteering Teams are solidarity activities that allow teams of participants coming from at least two different countries to volunteer together for a period between 2 weeks and 2 months. Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas are large scale, high impact projects supporting voluntary activities carried out by young people from at least two different countries coming together to express solidarity by implementing short-term interventions that address common European challenges in policy areas defined each year at EU level. The 2024 call’s main priorities are providing assistance to persons fleeing armed conflicts and victims of natural or man-made disasters, as well as fostering positive learning experiences for young people with fewer opportunities.

Organisations willing to participate must hold a valid Quality Label for Volunteering in Solidarity Activities (managed at decentralised Erasmus+ National Agency level). More information about the call and the action is available here. The call is currently open in the Funding & tender opportunities portal.

23 JANUARY 2024
Presentation: Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas 2024 call



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25 January 2024
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