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Online Information Day: Partnerships for Innovation – Forward-Looking Projects 2023: 2 February 2023

Forward-Looking Projects are large-scale projects that aim to identify, develop, test and/or assess innovative (policy) approaches that have the potential to become mainstreamed, thus improving education and training systems. They will support forward-looking ideas that respond to key European priorities and that have the potential to become mainstreamed, to give input for improving education, training and youth systems, and to bring a substantial innovative effect in terms of methods and practices to all types of learning and active participation settings for Europe's social cohesion.

The goal is to support transnational cooperation projects implementing a coherent and comprehensive set of sectoral or cross-sectoral activities that either:

a) foster innovation in terms of scope, ground-breaking methods and practices, and/or

b) ensure a transfer of innovation (across countries, policy sectors or target groups), thus ensuring at European level a sustainable exploitation of innovative project results and/or transferability into different contexts and audiences.

The three lots under this call are the following:

Lot 1: Digital education (cross-sectoral)

Projects under Lot 1 can address different educational sectors or bridge educational sectors, and must support high quality and inclusive digital education, in line with the Digital Education Action Plan.

Proposals under this Lot should address one of the following three priorities:

  • Priority 1: Education technology (edTech): scaling up of EU-based solutions through cooperation and quality assurance;
  • Priority 2: Effective pedagogical approaches on informatics for primary and secondary level of education;
  • Priority 3: Teacher training and curriculum development in tackling disinformation and promoting digital literacy.

Lot 2: Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Projects under Lot 2 address the VET sector. These projects support the implementation of the principles and objectives of the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, the European Skills Agenda, the Council Recommendation on vocational education and training for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience and the Osnabrück Declaration on vocational education and training as an enabler of recovery and just transitions to digital and green economies.

Proposals submitted under Lot 2 must address one of the two following priorities:

  • Priority 4: Micro-credentials for employability;
  • Priority 5: Improving the attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training (VET) through partnerships and networks of VET providers.

Lot 3: Adult learning

Projects under Lot 3 address the adult learning policy area. These projects support the implementation of the principles and objectives of the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan, the European Skills Agenda and the Council Recommendation on Upskilling Pathways: New Opportunities for Adults.

Proposals submitted under Lot 3 must address one of the two following priorities:

  • Priority 6: Development of national registries of quality-assured and labour market relevant training opportunities;
  • Priority 7: Supporting the Pact for Skills

The total allocated budget for the action is €35,000,000.

If you want to know more about the action, please consult the 2023 Erasmus+ Programme Guide, available in all official EU languages at this link.

You will find more details about the three lots of the Forward-Looking Projects on the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal.

The Forward-Looking Projects 2023 online Information Day was co-organised by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and the European Commission. The Information Session took place on the 2 of February 2023 from 14:00 to 17:45 CET.

During the event, the tool Slido was used for interaction. The answers obtained through the polls can be found in the presentations which can be downloaded below. Participants sent their questions to the helpdesk, and some of them were answered live, either during the Q&A sessions or after the speakers’ presentations. 

In case you have any queries about the action, do not hesitate to send us an email to the following email address:

We invite you to check the web page of the info session organised last year for the Forward-Looking Projects 2022 call available here, as it contains the recording and presentations of the event. Although the 2023 call has some features which differ from the 2022 call, the sessions from the previous info day are particularly helpful for preparing a new application:

III – How to submit an application?

IV – Application budget

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