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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Civil Society Projects 2020

Europe for Citizens - EACEA/52/2019

EACEA Europe for Citizens Actions 2014-2020
Democratic engagement and civic participation

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

20 MAY 2021
Frequently Asked Questions - Europe for Citizens
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How to receive your payment

In order to receive their final grants, all beneficiaries must submit a final report to the Executive Agency no later than 2 months after the end of the project (as indicated in the Grant Decision/Agreement). ATTENTION: It is mandatory for all beneficiaries to fill in and submit an electronic final report (eReport) online. The eReport application is available via the Funding & Tender opportunities and the eReport User Guide will support you to complete and submit the report. For your guidance, a preview of the final eReport is also available.

Please complete all the data fields in the eReport. In addition, you must fill in and attach the following annexes:

  • Annex 1: Declaration on Honour ENFRDE
  • Annex 2: Financial Final Report - Grant Calculation Sheet ENFRDE
  • Annex 3, 4, 5: Project's pictures

Please note: ONLY the above-mentioned official forms MUST be used.

Please note that the acceptance of the Final eReport is conditioned upon the publication of the project-related information on the website of the beneficiary:In order to receive the payment of the grant the beneficiary must publish on the website information containing the details on the implemented project i.e. place and dates of the meeting, number of participants in the events per country, brief description of the activities).

The Final eReport must clearly indicate the direct link to the webpage allowing having access to the posted information. This information must be available on the website of the beneficiary for 6 months upon the accomplishment of the project.


This information must be transmitted to all project partners in order to be published in their respective websites.

Moreover, the communication tools produced during the project implementation (i.e. DVD's, publications etc.) must be mentioned and, to the extent possible, made available on the website of the beneficiary.

Please note that the beneficiary is no longer requested to submit the participants’ lists with the Final eReport. However, it is advised to keep evidence as according to General condition n° 20.2 and 20.3, if requested to do so in the context of the checks or audits described in General Condition n° 27, the beneficiary must be able to provide adequate supporting documents to prove the number of units declared (number of countries and participants involved) and the proper implementation of the activities.