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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Capacity Building in the field of Youth 2019

Erasmus+   - EAC/A03/2018

EACEA Erasmus Plus Actions 2014-2020
Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practicesCapacity building in the field of youth

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management 

Programme Guide 2019


Kick-off meeting (03/02/2020) – presentation

Visa support letter

Volunteering Activities

EVS volunteer report

Volunteer training cycle registration form

Erasmus+ Volunteering Info Kit - Youthpass - Insurance


Contractual Documents 

Please contact the Executive Agency by email at if you need to make any of the following changes to your grant agreement.

Please note that formal amendments to your grant agreement are always subject to written requests which must be dated and signed by your legal representative.

Amendment request form 

These amendments must be formally endorsed by the Executive Agency.

Important: EACEA must be informed of all changes before the submission of your final report. Failure to do so will mean rejection of your report.

What can you change and how?

  • Legal address or name of the organisation:

The change should be introduced directly by you in the Funding and tender opportunities portal by uploading a new Legal Entity form together with official document(s) proving the change/new data;

Please also send a letter signed by the legal representative confirming the changes. This should be sent by e-mail (scan) to EACEA, once the change has been accepted by the Funding and tender opportunities portal Validation Service.

  • Legal representative

Official letter signed by the legal representative with all contact details of the new legal representative together with an official document confirming the legal capacity of the new legal representative should be sent by e-mail (scan) to EACEA.

  • Contact person

Official letter signed by the legal representative with all contact details of the new contact person.

  • Eligibility period

Please use the appropriate section in the amendment request form to request a change to the eligibility period. Please note that the total eligibility period of your project can never exceed 24 months.

  • Bank account (New)

Any change to your bank account for purposes of managing your grant should be introduced directly by you in the Funding & tender opportunities portal. By uploading the financial identification form (FIF) duly completed and signed by the account holder and a recent document (less than 6 months) issued by the bank indicating the name of the bank, the name of the account, and the account number/IBAN (if applicable). If such a document is not available, a bank stamp (indicating the name of the bank) and the signature of a representative of the bank on the financial identification form may also be accepted.

You should also inform EACEA of the change to your bank account by email at

  • Partner

If you need to make a change to the partnership of your project, the following information/documents need to be attached to the amendment request form:

  • a withdrawal letter from the withdrawing organisation explaining the reasons of withdrawal signed by the legal representative.
  • a description of the new organisation including PIC code.
  • an updated mobility table if the partner is involved in mobility activities.
  • mandate from the new partner.
  • date on which the termination shall take effect.
  • an email/declaration duly signed by the coordinator and the new partner organisation stating that:

a) the substance of the project does not change

b) the quality of the project and the expected results/outputs will remain unchanged

c) the replacing partner will take over everything that was foreseen by the initial partner (in the budget and work programme)

Make sure that the new partner’s PIC is encoded in the Funding and tender opportunities portal (Portal) and support your partner in the PIC validation process if relevant. Please note that the PIC code must be valid before any change can take effect.

Partnership: Detailed description of the new participating organisation and Mandate letter

  • Budget

An amendment request relating to an adjustment to the budget breakdown is only necessary when the transfer between budget headings exceeds 10% of the amount of the heading of eligible direct costs for which the transfer is intended.

IMPORTANT: transfers between unit costs and real costs are not authorised.

Budget 2019

 To open the document "budget table", please right click on the words "en" and select "save target as" or "save link as" to download the document.

For other changes contact your project officer.



Reporting documents and templates

eReport Template - EAC/A03/2018
(38.05 KB - DOCX)

Instructions for Operational & Financial Reporting

Interim/Mid term request

Request for further pre-financing

Financial_Statement_ CBY_2019_template - EAC/A03/2018
(217.23 KB - XLSX)

In electronic version to the following email address:

Please be so kind to send a single file that contains the whole final report together with a separate Excel sheet for the budgetary annex.

Final report

The deadline for submitting your final report is 2 months after the end date of your eligibility period.

In order to receive your final payment, please fill and submit your e-Final Report with the application E-Reports.

e-Final Report

e-Final Report User Guide (soon available)

The e-Final Report of your project is available via the Funding and tender opportunities portal (Portal). You will have to attach the following annexes to the e-Final Report:​

Financial_Statement_ CBY_2019_template - EAC/A03/2018
(217.23 KB - XLSX)

 To open the document "Financial Statement", please right click on the words "en" and select "save target as" or "save link as" to download the document

  • Certificate on the financial statements and underlying accounts

certificate on the financial statements and underlying accounts (Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report - Type I or II) is compulsory when the total sum of a + b is higher than €60,000:

a) Capacity Building: direct costs (max 80% of total) and total of indirect costs
b) Mobility activities: total sum of Special Needs Support and total sum of Exceptional costs

To enrich your project space/webpage with additional information (website, logo, project results) you can start uploading them in the Beneficiary's dashboard, to which you can connect using your EULogin account.

Please keep in mind that you will be able to submit your results for review and publication only when the end date of your project has been reached. In the meantime, you can upload and modify your results, but they will become publicly available only after the validation of your e-final report.



Dissemination and Visual Identity 

The EU logo should be used on all products and visible activities to acknowledge the financial support of the EU.

Further guidance is available on the Visual identity webpage of EACEA with the logo and disclaimer. 

Youthpass (available for Mobility activities) 

Be visible. Share your results on the Erasmus+ Results Platform