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Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education 2019

Erasmus+  - EAC/A03/2018

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries Space

Project Management 

Projects (Joint Projects and Structural Projects)

Contractual Documents

1. Grant Agreement

i. Annexes


Instructions for Operational & Financial Reporting

The use of the forms and templates below is mandatory.

Reporting forms

1.EN Financial Statements (including "Statement on the use of the previous pre-financing instalment and Request for Payment" and "Final Financial Statement") 

2. Technical Implementation Report 

The Technical Implementation Report has to be filled in and submitted via the eReports system, which is an online tool available on the Funding  & Tender Portal.

The eReports User Guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete and submit a Project Report using eReports.

The CBHE e-Reports Explanatory Note will provide you with content related information and guiding questions on the different tabs of the eReport. Annexes to be attached electronically to the Technical eReport:

a) Financial Statements (see point 1 above) in ".xls" format

b) Declaration of honour  

c) Table of achieved / planned results 

d) Dissemination plan (if available)

e) Quality assurance plan (if available)

f) in case you wish to request the second pre-financing: a duly signed pdf version of the "Statement on the use of the previous pre-financing instalment and Request for payment 2nd prefinancing": this document corresponds to the sheet "Use of 1st Prefin & 2nd Prefin" included in the "Financial Statements" (see point 1 of the reporting forms above). Detailed instructions are included in the CBHE e-Reports Explanatory Note.

3. Final report on implementation of the action (All documents will be available at a later stage).

4. EN (Audit) Certificate on the financial statements and underlying accounts (Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report – Type II).

Other documents

1. CBHE Joint Declaration

2. Individual Travel Report

3. Time-Sheet

To open the documents "Time-Sheet" and “Financial Statements”, please right click on the words "en" and select "save target as" or "save link as" to download the document. When saving the file on your hard disk, please choose the file extension .xlsm to activate the macros necessary to adelete rows in the file.

Dissemination and Visual Identity

Visual identity webpage of the EACEA with the logo and disclaimer