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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Support for Development of European Video Games 2017

Creative Europe - EACEA/22/2016

EACEA Creative Europe Actions 2014-2020
MEDIADevelopment video games

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management 

User Guide  (Updated 18/12/2019)

FAQ  (Updated 18/12/2019)

Contractual Documents

General Conditions EN



Interim report forms

Please find below the Interim report forms.

Interim technical report form  EN
Interim financial report  EN
Guidance notes for the auditor and Independent Report of Factual Findings on costs EN

Final report

The Final Report must be submitted as an eReport, which is accessible from the Funding & tender opportunities portal.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the user guide "how to complete and submit a project report using  eReports"

It is recommended to frequently save the information indicated, even if there is an automatic backup.

The following information cannot be changed:

  • General information
  • Contractual Data

The following documents must be attached to the Ereport:

  • Final payment request (signed and dated by the legal representative) EN
  • Financial Statement / Final Financial Report EN
  • Guidance notes for the auditor and Independent Report of Factual Findings on costs EN
  • Updated outputs/material (max 10MB). If you cannot upload these, please send these to the email address below with as subject the reference of the Decision/Agreement

For more information, please contact:
• The MEDIA Development Sector Monitoring team:
Isabelle Houman: +32 2 29 80664
Lena Efstathiou: +32 229-86263
Katia de Sousa: +32 2 29 61504

Dissemination and Visual Identity

The beneficiary shall indicate in any communication or publication about the action (including the prototype, trailer, GDD, website, communication on social networks or platforms, etc…) that the action has received funding from the European Union. Such acknowledgment shall be worded as follows: "with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union" and be accompanied by the Creative Europe - MEDIA logo and the European flag. The logo can be downloaded from