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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Machine translation

Many of EACEA’s web pages are available in English, French and German. Some pages are available only in English. If the page that you are viewing is not available in the language you need, you can view a machine-translated version of the page instead

What is machine translation? 

Machine translation is a form of automatic translation that is not checked by a human. As such, machine-translated information is not as reliable as human-translated information and should be treated with caution. 

However, for a quick, general overview of a page in your preferred language, machine translation can be a useful tool. 

How to view a page in another language?

At the top of the web page, you will see a small globe icon next to the language in which you are currently viewing the page. Click on the globe icon.

EACEA banner with cursor hovering over the globe icon to open drop down menu

This will open a drop-down menu showing all EU languages. 

drop down menu on all languages from the machine translation tool

For example, if you click on German and the page is available in German, the German version of the page will appear. 

However, if you click on a language in which the page is not available (i.e., in Italian or Polish below), you will receive an error message advising you that you can view a machine translation by clicking on a link below. 

error message example in italian and polish advising to view a machine translation by clicking on a link below

You should see a link called ‘Translate this page’ in the language that you have requested. Click on the link to receive a machine translation. You will first be shown a disclaimer. Click on ‘Accept and continue’ and the machine translation process will begin.

machine translation tool disclaimer message in italian and polish

Please note that it may take several seconds for the machine translation to be produced.

Once it is ready, you will see the machine-translated version of the page on your screen. 


NB: Please note that machine translation will not translate certain features on the page such as documents, videos and images.