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First steppingstone towards the creation of the European Higher Education Sector Observatory: Call for Tenders published!

With this call for tenders we are looking for services in the field of data collection, analysis, communication and dissemination as well as coordination and data visualisation for the development of a European Higher Education Sector Observatory.

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The Observatory will combine EU data tools and capacities (ETER, U-Multirank, Erasmus+ database, DEQAR, Eurostudent, Eurograduate, Eurydice related reports, Mobility Scoreboard, etc.) in one single place. It will present useful indicators, benchmarks, analysis and reports for policy makers, European Higher Education Institutions, students, academics and researchers.

This Observatory will be data-driven and policy-oriented. Its  main objective is to monitor the implementation of the European Strategy for Universities and to provide evidence on the institutional transformation progress across the EU.

The tender procedure will end with the signature of a direct contract for an initial duration of 24 months renewable one time for 24 months. The maximum total budget for the initial duration of the contract is EUR 2 500 000. The estimated total value is EUR 6 000 000.

The call is managed by EACEA. For more information on deadlines and requirements, go to the TED website or click here.

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2023 m. liepos 3 d.
Europos švietimo ir kultūros vykdomoji įstaiga