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Notícia24 outubro 2022Agência de Execução Europeia da Educação e da Cultura

ErasmusDays: 6,300 local events celebrated Erasmus+

On 13, 14 and 15 October 2022, the sixth edition of #ErasmusDays celebrated the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme, with 6,300 events taking place in 67 countries around the world.

2022 ErasmusDays - Register your event today!

In celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Year of Youth, this year’s ErasmusDays saw the highest number of local events ever organised in the initiative’s history.

Thanks to the work of the Erasmus+ National Agencies and the National Erasmus+ Offices in Europe and beyond, beneficiaries had the opportunity to share their success stories in person and online.

All events were open to the public and included festivals, conferences, exhibitions, sports events, social media contests, videos and podcasts. The organisers were Erasmus+ beneficiaries of all kinds, from schools and universities, to vocational education institutions and youth organisations.

One of the new features of this edition was the social media challenge #GuessWherasmus, as part of which former beneficiaries recorded a video dance, with viewers guessing the location of their Erasmus+ exchange.

Check out the series of stories that are gathered in the Twitter Moment reliving this year’s ErasmusDays!

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24 outubro 2022
Agência de Execução Europeia da Educação e da Cultura