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EU Aid Volunteers

(2014-2020) Strengthening the EU's capacity to provide needs-based humanitarian aid.

During the 2014-2020 funding period, the EU Aid Volunteers initiative aimed to contribute to strengthening the EU’s capacity to provide needs-based humanitarian aid.

The European Aid Volunteers initiative aimed to:

  • increase and improving the capacity of the EU to provide humanitarian aid;
  • improve of the skills, knowledge and competences of volunteers in the field of humanitarian aid and the terms and conditions of their engagement;
  • build the capacity of hosting organisations and foster volunteering in third countries;
  • communicate the EU’s humanitarian aid principles agreed in the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid;
  • enhance coherence and consistency of volunteering across Member States in order to improve opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid activities and operations.

Specifically, this involved providing funding for:

  • 450 junior/senior professionals in communities in vulnerable and disaster-affected non-EU countries;
  • 100 junior professionals on apprenticeship placements in Europe;
  • online volunteering opportunities;
  • capacity building of 70 sending and hosting organisations.

Further information

To find past calls for proposals, selection results, and any beneficiaries spaces that aren't in the list below, please see the archives here.

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