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Distribution Automatic Support 2017

Creative Europe- EACEA/18/2016

  • 2017
EACEA Creative Europe Actions 2014-2020
  • Distribution
  • Distribution - automatic support

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Release report (only for Module 3) and Final report

The Release Report (only for Module 3) and the Final Report must be submitted as an eReport from the Research and Innovation Participant Portal.

1) The Release Report (named Interim report) is to be submitted at the first stage of your project;
2) The Final Report is to be submitted at the end of the implementation of the project.

We strongly recommend that you carefully read the user guide "How to complete and submit a project report using e-Reports" EN 

In order to submit a report, the first thing to do is to access the Research and Innovation Participant Portal.

It is also recommended to frequently save the information indicated, even if there is an automatic backup.

The following information cannot be changed:

  • General
  • Contractual Data
  • Project description

The part "Statistics" refers to the Release report and the Final report.

Please answer all the questions. If there is no information to be indicated, please mention "not applicable".

We also remind you that, in relation to the submission of the Release Report (only for Module 3) and the Final report, the attachment of the following documents is mandatory:

  • For all the Modules:

- The completed and signed FINAL PAYMENT REQUEST (together with the Final Report) to be downloaded here (NEW) EN  (Updated 23/02/2017)

- When the grant is more than 60.000,00 €, the Report of Factual Findings (Type I or II), signed by an approved certified auditor, together with the Final Report (as described in FAQ Module 2 nº 14 or FAQ Module 3 nº 21)

  • Only for Module 2:

- When the grant is equal or less than 60.000,00 €, all the invoices and a copy of the proofs of payments: bank debit statement(s) and where applicable, proofs of withholding tax payment(s) and proofs of compensation, together with the Final Report (as described in FAQ Module 2 nº14)

  • Only for Module 3:

- Some publicity material (e.g. Posters, Photographs / Stills, Leaflets, Brochures, Press books, Slides, Merchandising) and at least one Poster in electronic format (together with the Release/ Interim Report)

- The most recent royalty statement (together with the Final Report)

- the invoices regarding the Sub-heading "Digital Costs" of the budget, together with the Final Report (see FAQ Module 3 nº 21)

The above documents must be uploaded with a "PDF / JPEG or ZIP" extension.

Please find herewith the FAQs:

FAQs Module 2 EN

FAQs Module 3 EN 


For more information, please contact:

  • The MEDIA SELECTIVE DISTRIBUTION Programming functional mailbox: EACEA-DISTRIBUTION-AUTOMATICatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-DISTRIBUTION-AUTOMATIC[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)