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News article1 February 2024European Education and Culture Executive Agency1 min read

New publication: AI report

A report on AI's benefits and risks associated with education.

this image depits a blurred black and white image of a classroom and a teacher explaining something on the whiteboard. The image has also a blue banner on the bottom with an orange, a white and a turquoise half circles as visual identity.

The report on AI in education highlights both the potential benefits and risks associated with AI implementation. While AI can offer advantages like formative feedback and lesson planning assistance, there are also risks, especially when used without proper oversight.

Utilising AI for learning analytics can aid in individualised teaching strategies but may disadvantage students facing challenges. Relying on AI for critical decisions raises high and potentially unacceptable risks, emphasising the need for human oversight and the development of Explainable AI.

Striking a balance between leveraging AI's benefits and mitigating risks while serving human values is crucial for responsible AI integration in education.

Read the full report.


Publication date
1 February 2024
European Education and Culture Executive Agency