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Sport: Collaborative Partnerships/Small Collaborative Partnerships in the sport field and Not-for-profit European sport events NOT related to the 2016 European Week of Sp

Erasmus+ - EAC/A04/2015

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  • 2016
EACEA Erasmus Plus Actions 2014-2020
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  • Collaborative Partnerships

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project  Management


Contractual Documents



Progress report

 Progress report template (Uploaded 16/11/2017)
 Progress report financial statement (Uploaded 16/11/2017)

e-Final report

Reminder: the deadline for submitting your final report is 2 months after the end of your eligibility period.

The e-Report of your project is available via the Funding & tenders opportunities portal. It has to be filled in online.

We recommend you to read carefully the user guide  How to complete and submit a Project Report using eReports (Updated 18/12/2018)

The following sections of the e-Report cannot be changed:

  • General Information
  • Contractual Data

In the section 'Implemented activities' you have to fill in the 'Summary of the project implementation', please do not copy the summary of the project from the application but summarise the achievements. Fill in also the 'Report of Activities' where the help texts under ? provide you with clear instructions.

In the section 'Statistics' please indicate the final numbers requested (help texts under ? provide you with clear instructions).

In the section 'Final Budget' the column 'Contractual' both in Cost and in Income cannot be changed. In the column 'Declared' although prefilled by default you must insert the final costs by category.

The e-Report has to be submitted together with the following compulsory attachments (see section 'Attachments'):


  1.  Declaration of honour (Uploaded 08/05/2017)
  2.  Final Financial Statement (Uploaded 15/04/2019)
  3.  List of invoices (Uploaded 16/11/2017)
  4. a. Report of factual findings on the final financial report Type I (if applicable; for grants higher than 60.000 EUR
    Guidance notes: Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report   ENFR /DE (Uploaded 08/05/2017)
    b. Samples of invoices (staff, subcontracting, travel and subsistence) (if applicable; for grants lower than and equal to 60.000 EUR)
    Please see 'Guidance on contractual project management' (page 36). Please attach one single file (pdf) that contains all supporting documents.

In the section 'Submission' you may verify if there is any compulsory information missing or attachments not uploaded. If there is no error message, you may submit the report.

Project Results Platform

We kindly inform you that for ensuring transparency and visibility of EU funding, all projects are online on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform.

According to the Article 10.4/I.10.4 – dissemination and explanation of results - you must upload all project results together with project website and logo. To connect to the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform you should use your EU Login account.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to submit your results for review and publication, you will be able to do so only when the end date of your project has been reached. In the meantime, you can upload and modify your results, but they will become publicly available only after the validation of your e-final report.  


For technical issues concerning e-Final Report submission: EACEA-HELPDESKatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-HELPDESK[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

For content issues: EACEA-SPORTatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-SPORT[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

For technical issues concerning E+ Project Results Platform: EAC-ProjectsPlatform-HelpDeskatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EAC-ProjectsPlatform-HelpDesk[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


Dissemination and Visual Identity

Visual identity webpage of EACEA with the logo and disclaimer