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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans 2019

Creative Europe - EACEA 39/2019

  • 2019
EACEA Creative Europe Actions 2014-2020
  • Culture
  • Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans 2019

Call for proposals

Selection results

Beneficiaries space

Project Management

As project beneficiary, it is important that you remain in contact with the Agency during the implementation of your project. This is particularly important if a change in the project occurs and your contract needs to be modified. For an overview on how to manage your project from both an operational and financial way and deal with possible necessary adjustments, please check the following videos.



Changes in your project (amendments)

Some changes in the implementation of your project might require a formal amendment to the grant agreement. For more information on how to submit an amendment, please consult this Guide to Amendments

5 MARCH 2021
Guide to amendments - EACEA 39/2019

Please use the following templates when asking for a change (amendment) to:

•  The work programme (work packages/activities)

5 MARCH 2021
Amendment to the work programme - EACEA 39/2019

•  Template for the budget amendment

28 MARCH 2023
Template for the budget amendment - EACEA 39/2019

•  Change of partner (addition of a partner) 

5 MARCH 2021
Change of partners - EACEA 39/2019

• Change to EU grant per partner this document will be made available as soon as possible

Changes to the budget headings (expenditure) do not require an amendment.

Please send the amendment request to this inbox (mentioning your Grant Agreement n°):
EACEA-CULTURE-CONTRACTUALatec [dot] europa [dot] eu

Template document for your information:

5 MARCH 2021
Template document for timesheets - EACEA 39/2019


COVID-related policy

You can find here information on EACEA’s response to Coronavirus. Please follow the indications for the Creative Europe programme, which will be applying also to your project.



Reporting to the Agency is an obligation under the Grant Agreement. For an overview on reporting, please consult the following video.

Request for second pre-financing - Progress report

You will need to submit a request for second pre-financing payment, as specified in Art. I.4.1.

In order to receive a further pre-financing payment, please download and complete the following mandatory documents:

  • Technical report
5 MARCH 2021
Technical report - EACEA 39/2019
  • Financial statement
5 MARCH 2021
Financial statement - EACEA 39/2019

(Updated on 28/02/2022)

The documents must be sent within 60 calendar days following the end of the first reporting period to the following mailbox and to your project officer by e-mail:
EACEA-CULTURE-CONTRACTUALatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-CULTURE-CONTRACTUAL[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


Final payment - Final report

Final reports shall be built on the already submitted progress report. They have to be submitted through the eReport (electronic reporting tool) at the latest 60 calendar days after the end of the last reporting period (mentioned in Art I.4.1 of your grant agreement).

You can access the eReport through the Funding & Tenders Opportunities portal 

The eReport must be filled in online. It comprises several parts (public summary of the project’s results, statistics on the implementation of the project, budget summary and grant sharing).

You must attached the following four mandatory attachments to the eReport (please use the templates provided below):

1. Technical report: please continue the work you have started in the progress report and update the information to provide a complete view on the project implementation.

2. Financial statement: please continue the work you have started in the progress report and update the information to provide a complete view on the project implementation.

3. Depending on the EU grant amount (more or less than EUR 60,000) indicated for each beneficiary in the estimated budget of the grant agreement (annex III), you will need to provide per beneficiary (project leader and partners): a Signed Audit certificate (“Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report – Type I) and/or supporting documents and a signed overview of the final financial statement. All these documents will need to be attached as a single pdf document. Please refer to Art I.4.4, Annex III and Annex VII of your grant agreement for further information.

The mandatory template for the Audit certificate can be downloaded here.

4. Beneficiary’s declaration of honour (signed by the legal representative of the coordinator only). It confirms that a process of consultation and approval has been carried out within the partnership. If the signatory is not the legal representative indicated to the Agency, an authorisation (proxy) to sign on his/her behalf must also be attached.

5 MARCH 2021
Declaration of honour - EACEA 39/2019

The eReport Submission user guide will provide you with detailed technical instructions on how to access and submit your project's eReport.

Electronic copies of all project's products/results (i.e. publication, brochure, poster, invitation, DVD, CD-Rom, etc.) must be uploaded in the Creative Europe Project result database (these shall NOT be sent per e-mail or post to us).

For more information, please contact your project officer or EACEA-CULTURE-CONTRACTUALatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-CULTURE-CONTRACTUAL[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


Dissemination and visual identity

Project beneficiaries must follow the instructions available here

Project beneficiaries must inform the public, press and media of the action (internet included), which must visibly indicate: “Co-funded by the European Union” next to the EU emblem. Beneficiaries should respect the Guidelines for beneficiaries and other third parties on the use of the EU emblem in the context of EU programmes, which is available here

The EU logo can be downloaded here

Where the action, or part of the action, is a publication, the mention and graphic logos must appear on the cover or the first pages following the editor's mention.

If the action includes events for the public, signs and posters related to this action must be displayed.

In addition, the following disclaimer shall be added to the inner pages of the publications and studies:

"The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."