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European Education and Culture Executive Agency

Working for the Agency

There are several ways to work with EACEA.

Selection procedures governing staff selections

The Agency does not accept spontaneous applications.


Temporary agents (TA 2f)

The Agency publishes vacancies on the EPSO website as well as on this page.

Inter-agency mobilities can be found only in the Temporary Agent​s 2f Job Market.

2022 M. RUGSĖJO 2 D.
Privacy Statement - Staff selection (TA2f): online written test
(244.02 KB - PDF)


Contract agents (CA 3a)

The Agency selects Contract Agents via the "EPSO Recruitment Portal".

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) runs an open-ended selection procedure to create a pool of candidates from which the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union (EU) can recruit Contract Agents.

Mobilities between the Executive Agencies and the Commission are published on a specific inter-agency mobility portal, the Contract Agent 3a Job Market.

EACEA has adopted by analogy the Commission Decision C(2017)6760 of 16/10/2017 governing the conditions of employment of contract staff.

2023 M. RUGSĖJO 12 D.
Staff selection and recruitment (contract and temporary agents) - Privacy Statement
(212.43 KB - PDF)


Interim positions

To ensure the continuity of operations (replacing staff on long-term absences / employing additional short-term staff during periods of peak workload), the Agency employs staff on short-term contracts through temping agencies (present temping agency used is Randstad, e-mail: inhouse_1230atrandstad [dot] be (inhouse_1230[at]randstad[dot]be)).

Privacy statement - Interim
(259.04 KB - PDF)


Trainee positions

Our traineeships are intended for university graduates. Please consult the Blue Book Traineeship website where you will find the relevant information regarding traineeship opportunities and rules, the application procedure and deadlines, as well as selection and recruitment processes. Please note that EACEA does not recruit trainees under other conditions and periods than those specified by the Traineeship Office of the European Commission.

Privacy statement - Blue book trainees
(251.54 KB - PDF)


All personal data provided is dealt with in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 and Decision No 1247/2002/EC. The Privacy Statement can be found on the EACEA website, including details on the right of access and rectification of personal data.

Before recruitment, a successful candidate (contract and temporary staff) shall be medically examined by one of the Institution's medical officers to ensure that he or she is physically fit to perform his or her duties. These pre-employment medical examinations are carried out by the Medical Service of the European Commission. For further information on the processing of your personal data in this context please refer to EACEA's privacy statement for data related to health.

2021 M. SAUSIO 15 D.
Register Notification: Pre-employment medical visits, annual medical visits and registration of sickness leaves
(506.52 KB - PDF)


Related Documents

Staff Regulations

2021 M. RUGSĖJO 24 D.
New General Implementing Provisions governing the conditions of employment of contract staff
(1.72 MB - PDF)
2021 M. RUGSĖJO 24 D.
New General Implementing Provisions governing the conditions of employment of temporary staff
(431.88 KB - PDF)

General rules on the reimbursement of travel expenses

Financial identification

Legal entity